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Aid the humanity in the name of Allah 

AID THE FATE is a group of people working for the welfare & benefit of needy & common persons, families since year 2004. It is a non-commercial and a not-for-profit setup. It consists of number of individuals operating voluntarily. They facilitate us in collection of funds, authenticating and verifying the genuineness of any case. Our members are all highly qualified professionals working in different organizations.


The Mission of Aid the Fate is to aid the needy in an appropriate way so that they can make their living easier and comfortable, and eventually develop into independent bread-earners for themselves & their dependents.



All activities under the wings of ‘Aid the Fate’ are being done solely In the name of Almighty Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful. This organization acts without any discrimination of religion, regional affiliation, geographical belongings, political affiliation so on & so forth. We accept both Zakat and Non-Zakat funds; as per policy the same are utilized in a way appropriate as per the teaching of Islam.



As per our operating procedure we do not handover the funds to any one in person; instead whenever someone approach us with their problems and needs, Aid the Fate endeavors to verify that if the case is really deserving, and genuine. Once the authenticity of the case is established beyond doubt then our representative(s) arranges for the provision of required stuff for the desired & feasible small business, medication and marriage cases, submit funds for education and hospitalization etc. ’Aid the Fate’ also afford monthly foodstuff packages to deserving widows. We keep Zakat and Non-Zakat funds separately and use it according to the rules of Zakat’s funds utilization.



In past the ‘Aid the Fate’ had deal various cases and served many people (Alhamdulillah) like :

  •  Small business setups for the needy who have the ability to run the same.
  •  Marriage financial support for the needy families, individuals.
  •  Education support for the needy and willing families.
  •  Monthly foodstuff packages for deserving widows.
  •  Medication assistance for the poor who cannot afford the medication regimen advised by the hospitals or doctors.
  •  Hospitalization etc.



You can Support ATF in following ways

  • Refer to us the genuine case(s) you are aware of
  • Refer people who can contribute small, medium and large size funds for this righteous cause
  • Volunteer work for ‘Aid the Fate
  • Contribute funds Click Here
  • Promote this cause by spreading this information via different means


Everyone is welcome to contribute by any means. May Allah guide us and help us to do the needful and accept our efforts.

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