Small Business Setup


ATF believes in earning self-reliance through skills and hard work. We can find many people around us who have the same belief but they lack initial resources to utilize their competencies and availing opportunities for earning. Enabling people towards self sufficiency is the first preference of ATF rather than providing temporary assistance. ATF regularly receives the cases of persons seeking or apparently requiring financial help due to unemployment or earning less than the basic needs. Qarz-e-hasna (loan without interest and obligation of paying back), partial financing for business setup or full business setup are provided on case to case basis. Following procedure is followed to take up or turning down the cases:

  • Reliability of the source and the needy is verified according to the standard criteria of ATF
  • Nature and magnitude of needs are analyzed according to number of dependents and family structure
  • Assessment is made for the required resources according to person’s needs and competencies
  • Mode of financial and technical assistance is decided

The philosophy behind preferring this particular sort of assistance is simple, proven and ever lasting.

 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a life time

In today’s world dominated by capitalism, it’s not merely about getting qualification and skills. As there is an unjustified difference among the opportunities for progress available to different social classes, poverty is on the rise as economically deprived class is not able to kickoff. So, ATF’s main aim is to enable responsible, eager and hardworking people to start earning and then progress through their competencies and commitment. ATF take special care of keeping the person’s self esteem intact by offering him qarz-e-hasna or other payback options according to his convenience. Assistance is provided with complete anonymity so that there is no risk of facing any social issues.

How can you participate?

If you are convinced and satisfied about the vision, strategy and approach of of ATF and want to help the deserving people, you can donate us  according to your affordability. You can request ATF to use your donation for specific program/case or leave it to the ATF governing board to decide about the best utilization of your donation amount. As ATF makes itself accountable and answerable to its donors, all the served cases are followed up to monitor the progress and ascertain that the objectives are achieved.

If you have any further queries about ATF work, you can contact us here or any member of our team. ATF also allows you to interact directly with the assisted people if you are interested in taking up a particular case.

Disclaimer: Currently we  operate in Karachi only for All activities other than Disaster management. Since due to the limited resources we can not perform the verification of the case outside the city.

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