Food for All

ATF vision to see a prosperous Pakistan with a civilized and contributing society is not possible without fighting the problem of hunger. Food is the most basic physical need of every living being but unfortunately not available sufficiently to every human being. Hunger is a global issue but Pakistan is categorized as a country with “Seriously high” hunger index according to the 2012 Global Hunger Index just managing to avoid falling under “Alarming” category.

Although ATF believes in taking proactive approach primarily through “Education against Odds” and “Small Business Setup” programs, but have a realization that it will not be possible to overlook the needy people who do not have access to food and cannot be made self sufficient presently. ATF regularly comes across the families and individuals who are not able to earn their living and it’s not possible to make them self-dependent by any of the other programs. Most of such people are either widows, orphans or disabled people who don’t have anyone to financially support them. 

Poor nations are hungry, and rich nations are proud; and pride and hunger will ever be at variance.
Jonathan Swift 

ATF thoroughly verifies such cases and if they conform the criteria for eligibility, certain quota of monthly ration is assigned for them according to the family needs. As this program is targeted towards food needs, ration usually contains edible items only. The needs of families are reassessed periodically to decide whether to discontinue/increase/decrease the assistance to ensure that the merit prevails for serving such cases as needs of the society are far greater than the available resources.

How can you participate?

If you are convinced and satisfied about the vision, strategy and approach of of ATF and want to help the deserving people, you can donate us  according to your affordability. You can request ATF to use your donation for specific program/case or leave it to the ATF governing board to decide about the best utilization of your donation amount. As ATF makes itself accountable and answerable to its donors, all the served cases are followed up to monitor the progress and ascertain that the objectives are achieved.

If you have any further queries about ATF work, you can contact us here or any member of our team. ATF also allows you to interact directly with the assisted people if you are interested in taking up a particular case.

Disclaimer: Currently we  operate in Karachi only for All activities other than Disaster management. Since due to the limited resources we can not perform the verification of the case outside the city.

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