Education Against Odds (EAO)

ATF is looking to offer a talent hunt and scholarship program named Education Against Odds (EAO),for those students who are talented, intelligent, hard working and willing to get further education but their financial conditions and circumstances do not allow them to go for the same. Precedence will be given to Matric / Intermediate students but other budding students will also be considered based on resources availability.Education plays an incredibly significant role in building a nation. It is by and large seen as the very foundation of society which brings economic wealth, social prosperity and political stability. Main rationale of education is to educate individuals within culture, to prepare and qualify them to perform in an economy, to teach the values and morals of a successful social order.It passes awareness among people to choose between the right and the wrong. It also allow individuals to assume and play an effective role in the development of values, society, nation, country and such a group of people who can make a difference for themselves as well as for others.


A successful personality once aptly held while emphasizing on the magnitude of giving and getting education:


‘My only & best investments and savings are the Education which I managed to give my children. It will always be profitable for me, them and the society furthermore the most fulfilling thing is that no one can take it away, therefore permanency of success comes through investing in Education only.’


Unfortunately Pakistan’s literacy rate is very low. We need a high jump in the field of education to get along with the rest of the developing countries of the world, for this purpose we all have to play our role. We can’t rely on our governments and self-proclaimed leaders in politics. We have to play our part as a vital part of the social brotherhood.

 How can you participate?

Please come forward and donate for Education and also refer brilliant needy students. ATF team will be responsible to authenticate each case and support them as per the requirements. There will be a process to check students’ monthly progress and further assistance will be given based on satisfactory performance.


You can also adopt a student to bear his/her educational  expenses. If anyone is interested he/she can contact ATF to find out further details regarding such cases and their expenses.  You will get all the necessary information about that student so that you can be in contact with him/her if you want to be informed about the progress and outcome  of your effort.


Disclaimer: Currently we  operate in Karachi only for All activities other than Disaster management. Since due to the limited resources we can not perform the verification of the case outside the city.


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