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Contribute This Eid ul Adha 2016 to Support Deserving Families

Continuing our noble tradition, Team ATF has decided to celebrate Eid ul Adha by distributing the meat amongst deserving families like past year. We humbly appeal every willing person to reach us and contribute your share for helping us bring a smile on faces. We came up with Rs.11,000/- per

Ramadan Ration Distribution 2016 – Success Report

Even after being one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources and growing agricultural sector, Pakistan still has so many problems. The food and financial crises are one of the prominent problems a middle class person has in Pakistan. Considering it our duty to support this needy class,

Ramadan Ration Distribution 2016 – Phase 4 Progress Update

Mother Teresa once said “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” This mere quotation is enough to understand team ATF’s motives and visions for carrying this kind initiative of Ramadan Ration Distribution Program. With a thought to enable deprived and needy people for participating in Ramadan’s

Ramadan Ration Distribution 2016 – Phase 3 Progress Report

As this blessed month is about to say adieu to all the Muslims, team ATF is excited to announce the completion of its ration distribution program’s 3rd phase. By the grace of Allah Almighty, we successfully located more than 300 families up till now and seeking your help to support

Ramadan Ration Distribution 2016 – Phase 2 Progress Update

Allah Almighty has blessed us with this beautiful month of Ramadan Kareem in which virtues are counted twice. This is the chance for every Muslim to earn as much blessings and virtues as he can either through prayers or by helping other people through Zakat and Atiya. By the grace

Progress Update of Ramadan Ration Distribution 2016 – Phase 1

As the month of Ramadan approaches towards its second phase of Forgiveness (Maghfirat), Team ATF is proud to announce the completion of our Ramadan Ration Distribution’s Phase 1. By the grace of Allah Almighty, we were able to distribute more than 90 ration packets among the needy citizens of Karachi,

Open Invitation (2016) for Ramadan Ration Initiative

  Preparations for fasting and earning Allah Almighty’s blessings and rewards have already begin for the approaching month of Ramadan Kareem. This month has significant importance over regular months in Hijri calendar. All the muslims get one whole month to earn the rewards of virtuous deeds they perform which is

[Education Against Odds] Helping Hand Needed for Course, Uniforms & Shoes for New School Sessions

As you all may know that we have an on going program called Education Against Odds to support bright student so that they can continue their studies. Under the same program we have received educational support request from a lot of low income and deserving lower-middle and lower class families

Eid-ul-Azha Meat Distribution 2015

In the coming eid-ul-azha, ATF is planning to share EID Celebrations with underprivileged people. Team has planned to slaughter 2 cows for distribution of meat among the most deserving people. ATF is taking part in this activity for the last couple of years now. We shall start distribute the meat among

Ramadan Ration Distribution 2015 – Another Success Story

By the grace of Almighty, ATF is continuously growing in all the dimensions. The latest indicator of this growth is this year’s Ramadan ration distribution activity which expanded significantly as compared to the previous years. During this Ramadan, we received an increased charity amount due to the better fund raising