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[Education Against Odds] Helping Hand Needed for Course, Uniforms & Shoes for New School Sessions

As you all may know that we have an on going program called Education Against Odds to support bright student so that they can continue their studies. Under the same program we have received educational support request from a lot of low income and deserving lower-middle and lower class families

ATF Rice Bucket Challenge

  What is ATF Rice Bucket Challenge? ATF Rice Bucket challenge is a new initiative from Aid The Fate to promote charity in Pakistan. This unique initiative will encourage individuals to take part in charity by donating rice or flour to any needy person around him. Take pics while donating

Donations needed for Education Support and Monthly Ration cases

By the grace of Allah and your help we have been able to complete number of cases in past years in the categories of Small Business Setup, Education Support, Monthly Ration Support, Wedding Arrangements, Medical Assistance and other miscellaneous needs after due verification process. As ATF is expanding its delivery

Student in need of a personal computer

One of our brilliant students is in need of a computer with enough specifications to help him for his studies. He just needs to run browser, MS Office and traditional softwares for some research and assignments. So, any desktop system with average configuration will be sufficient. He is studying in Applied

Donations needed for Education Support and Monthly Ration cases

As ATF is expanding its delivery and reaching out more and more people as it is getting itself established, its needs for donations are increasing gradually. ATF has delivered continously and restlessly so far with the help of Almighty and generosity of donors. However, to continue with the same pace,

Cases requiring sponsors

As ATF message has been spreading and it is delivering successfully, it is getting more and more requests from deserving people seeking assistance and members are also approaching themselves to the unprivileged. There are numerous cases being taken care by ATF with the help of donors but there are still

Help Underprivileged celebrate this EID

In the coming eid-ul-azha, ATF is planning to share EID Celebrations with underprivileged people. People are requested to take part in this highly valuable and rewarding religious activity and give underprivileged people a chance to enjoy this holy day. Team has planned to slaughter 3 cows for distribution of meat