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Ramazan Ration Package Distribution – Initiative for 2015

“The best charity is that given in Ramadhan.” [At-Tirmithi]. Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was the most generous of the men; and he was the most generous during the month of Ramadan when Jibril visited him every night and recited the

Appeal for Donations

Alhamdolillah, ATF has been successfully managing the welfare tasks by assisting people for education, health, food and marriage for more than a decade. Moreover, ATF has also been active in Disaster relief for quite a few years. As more people are getting aware about the effective and credible social work

eDev Technologies accepts ATF Rice Bucket Challenge

After many individuals now companies have also started taking #ATFRiceBucketChallenge and the first one to accept is eDev Technologies. eDev Technologies has accepted the challenge and decided to donate 1 bucket per employee. ATF Team will take care of purchasing and delivery of rice buckets at eDev Office. Each employee

ATF Rice Bucket Challenge

  What is ATF Rice Bucket Challenge? ATF Rice Bucket challenge is a new initiative from Aid The Fate to promote charity in Pakistan. This unique initiative will encourage individuals to take part in charity by donating rice or flour to any needy person around him. Take pics while donating

Donations needed for Education Support and Monthly Ration cases

By the grace of Allah and your help we have been able to complete number of cases in past years in the categories of Small Business Setup, Education Support, Monthly Ration Support, Wedding Arrangements, Medical Assistance and other miscellaneous needs after due verification process. As ATF is expanding its delivery

Food Arrangement For Wedding of a Girl

ATF identified a deserving family during Ramazan Ration distribution last year and helped the family with the ration. Recently, the family contacted us and informed about the wedding of their daughter. They were in need for arranging the food for 50 guests which they could not afford. So, ATF took

Some More Brilliance by ATF EAO Students

ATF received further results for students enrolled under Education Against Odds scholarship program. [EAO-009]               Shadman Town The female student cleared B. Com. final exam with 1st division. [EAO-012]               North Karachi T: Class 5th:             84% A-Grade I:  Class 4th:             77% A-Grade H: Class 2nd:            90% A1-Grade  

ATF EAO sponsored students shown brilliant results

Annual results for few students sponsored by ATF Education Against Odds scholarship program have been announced by respective schools. For the purpose of privacy we cannot disclose the actual names here. [EAO - 014] Gulistan-e-Johar M: Class 8th:1st position (96.5% A1 grade) T:  Class 5th:1st position (95% A1 grade) M:

Ration Support for a Deserving Family

ATF recently found a family of 9 members with 3 earning heads and 6 dependents. A female member of the family recently had a Gall bladder operation due to which family had to take loans from different people for treatment expenses. The family relies on selling books and don’t have

ATF activity highlights for the month of February 2014

Dear Donors, Below is an overview of ATF major activities during the month of February. The purpose of sharing this is to ensure the transparency in the utilization of your funds. If you need any further information about ATF functions, please feel free to contact us Education Support =============== §