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Eidi Distribution and Biryani Party – ATF Eid Observance 2016

Eid is the occasion when we embrace fellow brothers to celebrate the festival by forgetting old disputes and starting over again. On this event, team ATF decided to celebrate the Eid in an unconventional way. We conducted the Eidi distribution ceremony on request of our valued donors and supporters. Our

[Education Against Odds] Helping Hand Needed for Course, Uniforms & Shoes for New School Sessions

As you all may know that we have an on going program called Education Against Odds to support bright student so that they can continue their studies. Under the same program we have received educational support request from a lot of low income and deserving lower-middle and lower class families

ATF Sponsored Student Gets Admission in NED

ATF management and team are extremely delighted to know and announce that one more ATF assisted student has achieved his goal. ATF provided the moral and financial support to the student during his F.Sc. Pre-Engineering studies. The student responded very positively by focusing on his studies and putting his heart

Eidi Distribution Among Needy Families

In continuation of the welfare activities during Ramadan, ATF decided to share the celebrations of Eid with the less privileged class. In the last few days of Ramazan, 26 Eidi envelopes (each worth Rs 2500) were distributed among needy families by the ATF members. Since it was a cash distribution.

Ramazan Ration Distribution 2015 – Phase 5 Update

By the grace of Allah, ATF has commenced its Ramadan Ration Distribution 2015 by distributing 78 more ration packets in the following areas: Super High Way (Different Areas) – 08 Rations KBR – 05 Rations Orangi Town – 16 Rations Surjani Town – 08 Rations Malir/Landhi – 17 Rations Surjani/North Karachi

Ramazan Ration Distribution 2015 – Phase 4 Update

Alhamdolillah ATF team has successfully completed phase 4 of ATF Ramazan Ration distribution program by distributing 253 ration packets in following areas. 1. KBR – 20 Rations 2. Orangi Town – 70 Rations 3. Sujrani Town – 35 Rations 4. Super High Way (Different Areas) – 05 Rations 5. Moosa

Ramazan Ration Distribution 2015 – Phase 3 Update

ATF team has successfully completed phase 3 of ATF Ramazan Ration distribution program by distributing around 132 ration packets in following areas. Orangi Town Korangi Umer Goath Super highway Ibrahim Hydri Landhi Malir 10 Ration packets distributed among the labors working on daily wages. Most of the Ration packets were

Ramazan Ration Distribution 2015 – Phase 2 Update

ATF is continuing to ensure the timely distribution of your Ramazan donations to the most deserving people by distributing ration among poor families. As part of the Ramazan Ration Distribution Program 2015, we have successfully delivered 35 more ration packets to the deserving families in the following areas: Orangi Town

Ramazan Ration Distribution 2015 – Phase 1 Update

By the grace of Allah and help of donors, as part of Ramazan Ration Distribution Program 2015 ATF team has successfully distributed around 50 packets among deserving families in Orangi town. Most of the packets are distributed among zakat eligible families. ATF Team is targeting to distribute 100 packets over weekend as

Stretchers required at Jinnah Hospital Karachi

The entire nation is in the state of deep shock and dejection due to loss of hundreds of lives in the city of Karachi due to current heat wave. The lack of arrangements and resources required for injured and the died persons has added to the misery. Jinnah hospital Karachi