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Two students adopted under Education Support Program

A very poor family, living in an unprivileged area of Karachi, was not able to afford the educational expenses of their children. Mother works as a maid in few houses while father is unemployed currently. ATF investigated the case as per its standards and took the responsibility of two children’s

More assistance for two bright students

  ATF took the responsibility of financially and morally helping two bright students of an under-priviliged family in November 2012. Both of them were in different schools and produced encouraging results. ATF realized that one of the students can be groomed further and improve more if he is admitted to the same school as

Wedding support for another poor girl

Alhamdolillah, ATF has helped one more poor family for wedding of their daughter. The family has only one earning member, the younger brother of bride who is a bus conductor. One brother and father are jobless. Family is facing severe financial crisis and it was not possible for them to arrange

ATF Monthly Ration Support: February and March 2013

As a part of our monthly ration distribution program, ATF has distributed monthly ration among 11 more families in the month of February and March, 2013. Below are the relevant details of ration distributed among the needy families. Ration of  Rs. 23,335/- was distributed in the month of February and

Financial Support for wedding of a Rickshaw driver’s daughter

With the blessing of Allah, ATF has helped one more needy family by providing a financial support for the wedding of their daughter. Father of the girl is a rickshaw driver and earn just enough to afford the family’s daily living. ATF verified the case as a regular practice and

Financial support for a car cleaner’s daughter wedding

ATF came to know about wedding case of a girl whose father was a car cleaner in a private bank building. He and one of his sons earn just enough to support their 7 members family but it was not possible for them to arrange some necessary items for their daughter’s wedding. After thorough

Education Support for a University Student

The case of a university students was put forward to ATF for education financial assistance. He got admission in Environmental Science department in University of Karachi. He has considerably good academic record and is determined to continue his studies with full focus. After thorough verification of the case, ATF decided to help the student by

Wedding Support For a Poor Family

A case of a poor family was referred to ATF. They had a wedding of their daughter scheduled on Feb 4th, 2013 but did not have enough financial resources to provide necessary items to their daughter. There is no male member in the family to take care of them. ATF

Monthly Ration Support Program: January Update

Alhamdolillah, in the month of January, ATF served 10 needy families by providing them monthly ration worth Rs. 25,220 under its continuing Monthly Ration Support Program. Following items were provided with ration:   May Allah bless all those who contributed

Medical assistance provided to a poor lady

A poor lady, who was admitted to the hospital few days ago because of kidney problem, was put on ventilator due to breathing issue and unconsciousness. With proper treatment, lady started to recover but her family (3 sons and 4 daughters) was not able to pay minimum amount of Rs. 20000/-