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ATF-MED-004: Medical Assistance

Today we have provided medical assistance to Ms. Shehnaz of New Karachi, She is not well and required few medical tests worth Rupees 2200/-. Alhumdullilah it is done as required.  

ATF-0007: Medical Assistance For A Poor Lady

A poor woman Jameela age 54 residing in Malir, mother of 2 sons & 2 daughters, works 4 a family, diagnosed with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Her 1 son is mentally unfit & other is 17. She is a domestic worker and the main bread earner of the family.. Yesterday an ATF Team member visited

ATF-Medical Assistance

Helping in a case at Jinnah hospital, a person was admitted in Jinnah Hospital due to poisoning. Case has been verified, current needs have been settled by hospital and the Dr. we contacted therefore any monitory help/aid is not required rite now. We will be in contact for any further