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MRI for a poor lady

ATF came across a case of a poor lady whose husband is a labor at Jodia Bazar, Karachi. She was suffering from puss in abdomen and was recommended MRI from the doctor. Her husband was not able to afford the expnse which was Rs. 3000/-. After thorough verification of the

Medical assistance provided to a poor lady

A poor lady, who was admitted to the hospital few days ago because of kidney problem, was put on ventilator due to breathing issue and unconsciousness. With proper treatment, lady started to recover but her family (3 sons and 4 daughters) was not able to pay minimum amount of Rs. 20000/-

Financial assistance for a cancer patient

 A poor lady, who was wife of a building watchman, got seriously ill and could not afford to get proper treatment due to lack of financial resources. She was diagnosed with cancer and doctors prescribed expensive tests and medicines for her. ATF took the responsibility to help her out and

Help needed for kidney patient

Update 07/11/2012: Unfortunately the lady has expired before Fistula procedure, May Allah rest her soul in peace (ameen).   We will contact donors to return the donation or seek permission to utilize the funds in another case. ———————————————————— A young lady, having 2 little daughters, was hit by Tuberculosis due to

Treatment of a young boy who committed suicide

ATF learned about a case of young boy, aged 21-22 years who committed suicide due to miserable financial conditions of the family. His condition was critical. ATF not only assisted treatment of the boy by funding Rs. 42000/- but also provided moral support to him and his family. He got

Assistance Provided for Angiography

Alhamdulillah, We have successfully  paid the Angiography fee for Mr. M Azhar.  He was treated properly with Angiography on time. Further details can be seen in the receipt.    

Medical Assistance required by a Poor Woman

A poor woman Jameela Khatoon requires medical assistance on Monthly basis she needs monthly medications of cost 2.5K on monthly basis. ATF providing the required amount to her since May 2011. More details about her case can be found below.   If you want to have your contribution for


Mr.Zulfiqar, lives in Nazimabad works in Boltan Market. He earns his living by supplying Jaa-e-Namaz and Topi to retailers. He required amount Rs. 6000/- in emergency at the time of his wife’s delivery at Zia-ud-din hospital. He saved some money for that purpose but unfortunately he lost it due to

ATF-Drugs Additct Case

A lady Bakht Rana contacted us for the treatment of her son Mr. Niaz Muhammad for the drug addiction. Sometime earlier we helped the lady for a marriage case near old sabzi mandi area. ATF team member went on to validate and verify the details. Findings suggested that the person

ATF-MED-005: Medical Assistance

Mr.Abdul Latif contacted ATF for the Kidney Ultrasound @ AKUH for his younger brother. He was initially treated at SIUT, but due to complexity of the case Dr. advised him to get ultrasound report from AKUH as well, that costs Rs. 3270/-. It is verified and successfully done Alhumdullilah.