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Arranged Furniture for Marriage of a Girl

ATF has been particularly sensitive about the socio-economic issues in weddings of daughters among lower income group. For the same cause, it has financially assisted number of families to facilitate the needy families to arrange the weddings of their daughters. Recently, one more such case has been served by ATF.

Wedding Arrangements for a labor’s daughter

ATF recently received a request from a very reliable source for financial help in the wedding arrangement of a girl. The case was being served partially by FEN, another NGO working in the similar domain as ATF. The girl’s father sells vegetables to earn his living and support the family.

Another Wedding Case Served

ATF received a request for financial support in the wedding of a girl. They needed some basic items to provide to their daughter. The case was verified according to standard practices of ATF. The organization had already assisted the family at the time of wedding of their other daughter. Family

Food Arrangement For Wedding of a Girl

ATF identified a deserving family during Ramazan Ration distribution last year and helped the family with the ration. Recently, the family contacted us and informed about the wedding of their daughter. They were in need for arranging the food for 50 guests which they could not afford. So, ATF took

Wedding Case Served

ATF has successfully assisted yet another family for the marriage of their daughter. The family had 7 members but just one person to earn and support them. The level of income was just enough to meet their daily needs and it was not possible for him to arrange the expenses

Financial support for marriage of needy family’s girl

ATF has helped yet another family for marriage arrangements by contributing Rs. 20,000/- in the purchasing of furniture. The family constituted of mother living with her four children, including bride who is the eldest. Father neither lives with the family nor provide any financial assistance to them. Mother, alongwith her

Marriage support for a deserving family

ATF has completed yet another case of marriage support by the blessing of Allah. The bride’s father is unemployed and is partially disabled. So, he needed financial assistance to arrange some necessary items for his daughter’s wedding. They required a washing machine, a sewing machine and a fan. All three

Arrangement of furniture for a girl’s wedding

An unprivileged family of Gulshan-e-Zia was identified by ATF members. They needed furniture for the wedding of their daughter. Case was verified as per standards of ATF. Father’s income range of Rs. 6000/- to 7000/- per month was too low to afford all the wedding expenses. Two daughters work in

Wedding Support for daughter of a deserving family

During the ration distribution program in Ramazan in Ghaziabad area of Orangi Town, ATF members came across a family of 10 members who had the wedding of their daughter due in August. Their only source of income is a mother working in factory earning Rs. 8000-9000 per month. Case was

Financial assistance for wedding of an orphan girl

ATF received a request from authentic and reliable source to assist in wedding of an orphan girl who was supported by her sister (maid) and despite all the efforts, it was not possible for her to make all the necessary arrangements for wedding. The case was verified as per standard