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Monthly Ration Support Program

With the blessings of Allah, ATF is helping the needy families by providing monthly rations as per needs of the families. With the passage of time, number of donors and their contribution is increasing with increased trust on ATF. Below are the cases that have been taken up by ATF

Ramazan Ration Package Distribution 2012 – Phase 5

  After successfully completing Phase-4 of Ramazan Ration Distribution Program, Aid the Fate has started its 5th and final phase of the program. Following are the details of distribution: August 17th, 18th & 20th, 2012 : 22 Ration packets 10 Ration packs were distributed in poor families of Surjani town

Ramazan Ration Package Distribution 2012 – Phase 4

Alhamdolillah, with the divine favor; Aid the fate has started its 4th phase of the Ramzan Ration Package Distribution Program. May Allah bless all of those who are contributing in this noble cause August 15th, 2012: 5 Ration Packs 5 Ration packets were distributed among poor families living in Qasba colony,

Ramazan Ration Package Distribution 2012 – Phase 3

Alhamdolillah, with the divine favor, Aid the fate has started its Phase 3 by its largest distribution so far. It became possible just because of mercy of Allah and kindness of donors and the trust they showed in Aid the Fate to make the best utilization of their donated money.

Ramazan Ration Package Distribution 2012 – Phase 1

  July 23rd, 2012: 4 Ration Packs 4 Ration packets were distributed in Landhi among: 1. Poor family staying in an empty plot in two partially constructed rooms and having number of kids but not able to provide them proper food and clothes. 2. Another poor family having no sufficient

Ramazan Ration Package Distribution 2012 – Initiative

  Assalam o Alaikum, ATF team will be providing ration packets to deserving people/families during the Ramazan. You can take part in this cause by contributing zakat and non zakat funds, by referring a family who needs support or by spreading this message. Leave a comment below or email us

Ration Required by a Poor Woman on Monthly Basis

A poor woman requires ration on monthly basis of cost 2.5 K. She stitches clothes at home but the income is not enough to fulfil all the requirements of the family. ATF provides her ration of 2.5K every month.   If you want to have your contribution for this case please

ATF-FOOD-004: Eid Rashen Supplies at Surjani Town

With the collected amount of Zakat, ATF prepared 50 rashan packages to aid the food necessities of deserving people on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr at Surjani Town Sector 7B. On 2nd day of Eid-ul-Fitr (Thursday September 1st, 2011) 28 packets were distributed to the deserving families after due verification process.

ATF-Food Supplies for Orangi Town Deserving People

ATF used to aid the food necessities of deserving people @ Orangi town every year before Ramzan. Below is the list of Rashan Package for one family on the average. We intend to cover 600 families. Zakat can be given for this purpose. Please come forward. 1. Rice 5kg @

ATF-FOOD-003 Food Supplies

Got a request for help from Jinnah Hospital from a person who’s 11 yr old child had a heart problem. ATF Team followed up, the treatment related problem got solved by another source but we felt there might be need of medicines so team followed by visiting to Mr. X