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Student in need of a personal computer

One of our brilliant students is in need of a computer with enough specifications to help him for his studies. He just needs to run browser, MS Office and traditional softwares for some research and assignments. So, any desktop system with average configuration will be sufficient. He is studying in Applied

Sponsors required for 3 Students adopted under EAO program.

By the grace of Allah, ATF team has adopted three more students under Education Against Odd Program. We are looking for sponsors who can bear monthly expenses of the students. Please contact us if you require more details or willing to adopt one or more students. Details of students are as

Donations needed for Education Support and Monthly Ration cases

As ATF is expanding its delivery and reaching out more and more people as it is getting itself established, its needs for donations are increasing gradually. ATF has delivered continously and restlessly so far with the help of Almighty and generosity of donors. However, to continue with the same pace,

Cases requiring sponsors

As ATF message has been spreading and it is delivering successfully, it is getting more and more requests from deserving people seeking assistance and members are also approaching themselves to the unprivileged. There are numerous cases being taken care by ATF with the help of donors but there are still

Two students cleared Intermediate exams with good marks

By the grace of Allah, two intermediate students who were adopted under “Education against odds” program by ATF have passed their FSc. pre-engineering exams with 72.3% and 68%. It is the result of blessing of Allah, kindness of donors and hard work of the students. ATF will continue helping them

School admission for daughter of a needy family

A case of educational support was forwarded by one of regular contributor &  the volunteer of ATF. It was about a hardworking graduate couple trying to meet end needs in all possible ways for their family of four kids residing in North Karachi. It was a financial assistance requirement for

Two students adopted under Education Support Program

A very poor family, living in an unprivileged area of Karachi, was not able to afford the educational expenses of their children. Mother works as a maid in few houses while father is unemployed currently. ATF investigated the case as per its standards and took the responsibility of two children’s

Financial support for petroleum science student

A graduate student of petroleum sciences, in University of Karachi, was not able to afford his Semester fee. The student was keen to continue his studies full time with focus. ATF helped him by submitting his 2nd semester fee with a commitment of making sincere efforts for his studies and showing

More assistance for two bright students

  ATF took the responsibility of financially and morally helping two bright students of an under-priviliged family in November 2012. Both of them were in different schools and produced encouraging results. ATF realized that one of the students can be groomed further and improve more if he is admitted to the same school as

6 students adopted under Education support program

ATF is on its way to continue and extend the support for brilliant and deserving students. Recently, one of regular and generous donors of ATF has adopted 6 high performing and needy students under the umbrella of ATF. Five of those students belong to one family. Relevant details of the students