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Funds raised for Monthly Ration Support cases

By the grace of Allah, Within a few days after requesting the donors to take responsibility of needy families ration under Monthly Ration Support Program, all the cases taken up by ATF so far have found the donors who have committed for providing ration support to the families every month.

Monthly Ration Support Program

With the blessings of Allah, ATF is helping the needy families by providing monthly rations as per needs of the families. With the passage of time, number of donors and their contribution is increasing with increased trust on ATF. Below are the cases that have been taken up by ATF

Ration for family of divorced lady and education support for her child

A lady, who was divorced 18 months ago, has 3 children. She used to work in a beauty parlour but jobless these days. She lives with her mother and a brother who earns little and is unable to bear even his own expense. They live in a rented house. ATF has

Medical Assistance required by a Poor Woman

A poor woman Jameela Khatoon requires medical assistance on Monthly basis she needs monthly medications of cost 2.5K on monthly basis. ATF providing the required amount to her since May 2011. More details about her case can be found below.   If you want to have your contribution for

Ration Required by a Poor Woman on Monthly Basis

A poor woman requires ration on monthly basis of cost 2.5 K. She stitches clothes at home but the income is not enough to fulfil all the requirements of the family. ATF provides her ration of 2.5K every month.   If you want to have your contribution for this case please