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Educational and Ration Support for a deserving family

ATF found a person last month who is fighting cancer and is not able to work and support his family due to bad health. The patient used to work at a factory but had to quit after his health did not allow him to continue. Fortunately, his employer is taking

Donations needed for Education Support and Monthly Ration cases

By the grace of Allah and your help we have been able to complete number of cases in past years in the categories of Small Business Setup, Education Support, Monthly Ration Support, Wedding Arrangements, Medical Assistance and other miscellaneous needs after due verification process. As ATF is expanding its delivery

ATF activity highlights for the month of January 2014

  As part of ATF’s monthly expenditure on various fronts, we are now staring to share every month’s expense report in order to keep our team members, contributors and well wishers aware of the activities. This might also help us in spreading the word and getting a chance to take

Arrangement of Monthly Ration and Source of Income for a poor family

ATF recently came across a much deserving family who has only a single breadwinner with 9 dependents. The person has to support his wife and 3 daughters alongwith daughter-in-law and grandchildren as his son passed away couple of months ago. Although he is a hardworking person who does not prefer to

Monthly Ration for a Sick Person’s family

ATF has included  another family to its monthly ration support for enabling them to meet their basic household food requirement. The family head used to work in a bakery and in a factory but is now facing the disesase of TB for the last few months and is currently admitted in a hospital. He is not able to

Monthly Ration Support for a Partially Disabled Person

ATF has adopted another deserving family living in Mehmoodabad for its Monthly Ration Support. It had already been sponsoring for monthly school fee of two children of the same family. The family head, who is the only bread earner, used to be a motor mechanic. He is disabled with one

Donations needed for Education Support and Monthly Ration cases

As ATF is expanding its delivery and reaching out more and more people as it is getting itself established, its needs for donations are increasing gradually. ATF has delivered continously and restlessly so far with the help of Almighty and generosity of donors. However, to continue with the same pace,

ATF Monthly Ration Support: February and March 2013

As a part of our monthly ration distribution program, ATF has distributed monthly ration among 11 more families in the month of February and March, 2013. Below are the relevant details of ration distributed among the needy families. Ration of  Rs. 23,335/- was distributed in the month of February and

Monthly Ration Support Program: January Update

Alhamdolillah, in the month of January, ATF served 10 needy families by providing them monthly ration worth Rs. 25,220 under its continuing Monthly Ration Support Program. Following items were provided with ration:   May Allah bless all those who contributed

Education support for two brothers

A less privileged father, who was finding it hard to bear educational expenses of his two sons, needed financial support for his sons’ education in the form of their school fees. ATF verified all the educational records and financial situation of family to take up the case. After thorough verification,