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ATF provided Qarz-e-Hasna for Rickshaw

  An ATF team member received a request for loan (Qarz-e-Hasna) from a person who works as an office boy in an office. With this loan the person intends to get a LPG rickshaw as he had arranged the rest of the amount elsewhere but falling short of half of

Arrangement of Monthly Ration and Source of Income for a poor family

ATF recently came across a much deserving family who has only a single breadwinner with 9 dependents. The person has to support his wife and 3 daughters alongwith daughter-in-law and grandchildren as his son passed away couple of months ago. Although he is a hardworking person who does not prefer to

Chips and Icecream setup for a jobless person

ATF and FEN jointly helped a person in setting up his chips and icecream shop. ATF learned about a person (resident of North Karachi), who used to work with his brother in a small scale business of soup (in winter) and Icecream (in summer) but as the business was not

Support for business maintenance

A poor guy, who was doing an artificial jewelry business, for 3-4 years was finding it hard to make both ends meet as he had 4 children and income situation was just about hand to mouth. He needed some amount as an interest free loan to boost his income so that

ATF-FIN-020: Small Business Setup

Mr. Kamal, Orangi town, needs to increase his business of chappal making. After due verification of needs, ATF provided aid of 15K Rs. to start this business previously. Now he needs 30K loan. He bears his own and his son’s medical expenses so the income is not good enough. He’s

ATF-FIN-019: Sewing Machine Needed

Mrs. S. belongs to a poor family. She use to earn their living by stitching clothes but her sewing machine is not working now. It cannot be repaired since it is more than 20 years old now she requires a new machine. It costs around Rs.5200 which have been arranged.

ATF-FIN-018: Small Business Setup

Mr. Mehtab intended to start a part time work other than his regular job. He had past experience of making and supplying candles so wanted to resume it. He needed around Rs. 11K as the initial cost of this setup. After due verification we purchased him items worth Rs. 6K