Eid ul Adha 2016

Continuing our noble tradition, Team ATF has decided to celebrate Eid ul Adha by distributing the meat amongst deserving families like past year. We humbly appeal every willing person to reach us and contribute your share for helping us bring a smile on faces.

We came up with Rs.11,000/- per head for bearing Qurbani expenses efficiently. Contribute your share before September 5, 2016 and earn the blessings this Eid ul Adha. Contact us now for donating your share and earn unlimited blessing from Allah Almighty.

Blessings of Eid ul Adha:

When millions of muslims gather around the holy Kabba to perform Hajj, we are given a chance to celebrate with harmony and compassion on Eid ul Adha. Allah (swt) has bestowed us this occasion as a muslim to remind the willingness of prophet Ibrahim and how he was blessed at the last minute.

Every muslim from each corner of the world strives to sacrifice an animal (Halaal, not to mention) in the name of Allah Almighty and divides the meat in certain ways. The core meaning of slaughtering an animal on Eid ul Adha is that we can distribute a larger amount in deserving people and keep least part for our own usage.

With this kind vision, team ATF celebrates Eid ul Adha by distributing a large amount of meat amongst deserving families dwelling in Karachi or suburbs. You can contribute your share by donating Rs.11,000/- and help us slaughter 3 cows that we’ve planned for year 2016.

ATF Qurbani Overview:

We’re very excited to celebrate Eid ul Adha by carrying our mission of serving humanity and continuing this tradition that we started back in 2011. After going through several discussions and analyzing the market prices for different animals, we concluded the share is Rs.11,000/- for each willing person.

We’ve planned to slaughter 3 cows this Eid ul Adha for serving all meat amongst deserving families of Karachi city and its suburbs. If you want to be a part of this noble act, you may reach to our contact us page for donating your share. You may even help us by spreading this post in your social circle or refer us to any willing person in your contacts.

Bear this in mind that Eid ul Adha would fall around 11 to 13 September next month so make sure you make an informed decision before 5th of September 2016. Donate just Rs.11,000/- for qurbani and avail equal share in blessings from Allah Almighty this Eid ul Adha 2016.

Eid ul Adha Past Achievements:

We’ve been distributing Eid ul Adha’s blessed festival with underprivileged people of Karachi since 2011. For keeping the activity transparent and easy for all of our supporters and contributors, we upload activity photos so everybody can have a fair eye on their contributions that we employ during Eid ul Adha.

Contact us to donate/contribute your share (Rs.11,000/- per head) and earn the countless blessing while serving humanity in your capacity with team ATF.