Ramadan Ration Distribution Program Success Report

Even after being one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources and growing agricultural sector, Pakistan still has so many problems. The food and financial crises are one of the prominent problems a middle class person has in Pakistan. Considering it our duty to support this needy class, team ATF organizes a special program each year by providing a family with 1 month’s ration. Like last few years, team ATF saw a tremendous response from the donors for the Ramadan Ration Distribution Program. By the grace of Allah Almighty, we managed to meet our target of finding 500 families and give them a month’s ration so they can continue the Ramadan’s observations in an efficient manner.

Ration Packet Details:

Today, every person is worried about the falling economy and high prices. We are aware of this bitter reality very well but can’t ignore our duty. So after making few calculations and conducting some researches, we concluded that a mere Rs.2500/- donation from an individual can make a big difference.

This way, we made the donation process affordable for all willing individuals. We tried our best to bring all necessary food items in this mere amount for deserving family. So we end up finalizing these food items as listed below:

  • Sugar

  • Cooking Oil

  • Daal Chana

  • Daal Masoor

  • Baisan

  • Black Chana

  • Dates

  • Jam-e-Shirin

  • Flour Bag

  • Rice

Distribution Process:

We thank to all the donors and other people who helped us achieve this milestone within the said time. Our dedicated team members and volunteers took all the functions very seriously. After collecting the funds from all donors, we head on to plan the next phase that comprised on purchasing the ration items and making packets for a family. Then, 2 to 3 volunteers from team ATF would go and distribute the packets among the pre-researched families.

NOTE: We have a very diligent team working on projecting needy families in Karachi city. Each family goes through a verification process to make sure that all donations are being spent on deserving people and not being exploited in any way.

Ration Distribution Phases & Eidi Envelopes:

This year, the whole process is expanded to 4 phases. In the first phase, we managed to distribute around 90 ration packets in Umar Goth, Ahsanabad, Brohi Goth and Landhi area. During the 2nd Ashra, team ATF managed to find and distribute about 131 packets among deserving families living in Toori Bangash colony, Orangi Town, Sohrab Goth and Malir for 2nd phase.

In our second last/third phase, the team successfully distributed 134 more ration packets among families living in Peer colony, Gulistan-e-Johar, Hydri Mochi and Orangi Town. During the last phase, the team searched more families and distributed about 157 ration packets in Landhi, Korangi, Surjani and North Karachi areas. With that, we successfully completed our target of supporting 500 families during Ramadan. Not only this, we also managed to distribute about 70 eidi envelopes on part of our valued donors during the Eid.


This was a very nice experience of supporting fellow brothers and sister and helping them to spend their Ramadan without worrying about food. After Allah Almighty, our donors deserve all the credits for making this happen. So we request you to continue your moral as well as financial support the way you did during Ramadan and help us continue other projects to serve the humanity.

Contact us for your donations or drop us a suggestion if you have in mind.