Eidi Distribution and Biryani Party

Eid is the occasion when we embrace fellow brothers to celebrate the festival by forgetting old disputes and starting over again. On this event, team ATF decided to celebrate the Eid in an unconventional way. We conducted the Eidi distribution ceremony on request of our valued donors and supporters.

Our objective was to celebrate Eid with those brothers and sisters who belong to a less progressed class and make them feel special and a respected part of our society. Another objective was to handover the Eidi on behalf of our donors. JP Morgan beautifully sums up our donor’s kind thoughts with this Eidi distribution event that

“What good is your purse, if you’re poor in your heart”

Ramadan Ration Distribution Program:

The Eidi distribution program proved a refreshing activity not only for the attendees but for ATF team members as well. Other than that, team ATF was busy in its Ramadan Ration Distribution Program  through which many families got a month’s ration to carry their Ramadan observations without worrying about the financial matters. The team planned to distribute about 500 ration packets and all our efforts proved successful by the end of Ramadan. Seeing the success and devotion, many donors insisted to personally handover an Eidi envelope to needy people so we decided to organize a small event in this regard.

Eidi Envelopes:

The Eid is a blessing on muslims after observing fast for the whole month. This event remains for 3 days in which we celebrate by wearing new clothes, meeting relatives and friends and having tasty meals. Sadly, a specific group fails to rejoice Eid’s happiness just because facing financial crisis. The donors who insisted us for distributing Eidi Envelope understand this fact very well. May Allah bless them for this kind act and suggesting us to add this class in our Eid celebration. We managed to distribute about 70 Eidi envelopes containing a good amount of money for each family that came over.

Biryani Distribution:

Other than distributing Eidi envelopes, the team arranged for a small biryani party that proved a refreshing phase of this whole activity. We also arranged for a small biryani party to entertain the attendees that proved very refreshing for each person present there. Not only this, the team also arranged to distribute biryani packets in more than 100 people. We managed to serve about 130 biryani packets in Korangi Industrial area and Ismail Goth that was very satisfying for the team itself.


This was a very intelligent suggestion that came from our supporters and donors. We urge you to be more kind on fellow brothers and sisters and suggest us any similar activity to serve the humanity.

For this purpose, you may contact us or donate for a specific cause you have in mind.

Activity Photos: