Ramadan Ration Program Phase 4

Mother Teresa once said “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” This mere quotation is enough to understand team ATF’s motives and visions for carrying this kind initiative of Ramadan Ration Distribution Program. With a thought to enable deprived and needy people for participating in Ramadan’s blissful days and nights, we kept on searching more families and provided them with a month’s ration packet.

I’m feeling very happy and satisfied that in our fourth phase, we successfully reached out to 100+ more families. We not only located more deserving families but also met our target of reaching 500 families during Ramadan.

NOTE: More details are provided underneath for you to make sure how your donations are employed by team ATF.

Ration Packet Particulars:

To help deserving and needy citizens of Karachi city in Ramadan, team ATF runs a special program ‘Ramadan Ration Distribution Program.’ What we do through this program is to find a needy family and provide one whole month’s ration so they can carry the rituals in an efficient manner without worrying about their financial situations.

We wanted to make the donations process very transparent and affordable for every individual willing to participate. So after going through some research, the team decided the nominal price of Rs.2500/- that anyone can afford to donate during the month of Ramadan. Our biggest challenge was to provide all the basic food items in said amount that we sincerely accepted. To accommodate the deserving people, we decided to add these food items in the ration packet as listed under:

  • Daal Masoor

  • Daal Chana

  • Cooking Oil

  • Baisan

  • Black Chana

  • Dates

  • Sugar

  • Rice

  • Flour Bag

  • Jam-e-Shirin

Projected Areas in Phase – 4:

As the Ramadan approached towards Eid, we successfully distributed about 157 ration packets among deserving and needy families living in different areas of Karachi. When Ramadan started, we decided to project 500 deserving families to support in respect to our Ramadan Ration Distribution Program. In the first phase, the pace was slow with 90 families but then the 2nd phase saw some improvements in distribution process with 131 packets. During the 3rd Ashra, we distributed about 134 packets in the 3rd phase. And now here are the statistics for the 4th phase listed below:

  • The team distributed about 12 ration packets in Surjani and North Karachi.

  • We managed to locate 55 more families in Landhi and Korangi areas.

  • 30 packets were distributed among families living in Mehmoodabad, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, New Karachi and Orangi town.

  • Our team members managed to find and distribute 60 more packets in Orangi town.

Request for Continuous Support:

This accomplishment was impossible without your moral and financial support. And for that, team ATF thanks you once again with a humble request to continue your support in future. What has been done is excellent so far but, unfortunately, not enough as there’s too much left undone. So it is our humble request to keep up your support and urge your social circle to take part in serving humanity and help us in shaping a better world.

Contact us for donating from your Halaal earnings and earn virtues and rewards in this world and in the world hereafter.

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