Allah Almighty has blessed us with this beautiful month of Ramadan Kareem in which virtues are counted twice. This is the chance for every Muslim to earn as much blessings and virtues as he can either through prayers or by helping other people through Zakat and Atiya.

By the grace of Allah Almighty team ATF has successfully completed its second cycle of ration distribution after the ‘Ramadan Ration Distribution Program – Phase 1’ and heading towards the 3rd cycle in this regard. We urge you to keep up your support through financial aid so we can locate and support even more families to reach the 500 family’s milestone.

Ration Package Item Details:

As part of our Ramadan Ration Distribution Program, we search the deserving people dwelling in Karachi city or its suburb. Our objective is to distribute 1 month’s ration packet among these brothers and sisters so they can carry their fasting and prayers efficiently.

The whole cost for each ration packet is about 2500/- that anyone can afford to donate. On such expense, a family gets to have whole month’s ration to pass Ramadan efficiently and can feel the care and affection from fellow Muslim society. The items a packet usually has are listed below for your review and satisfaction.

Black Chana
Flour Bag
Cooking Oil
Daal Chana
Daal Masoor

Areas Covered During Ration Distribution:

Upon the end of second Ashra of Ramadan Kareem, we are pleased to announce the completion of more than 100 packets in different areas of Karachi. In the previous phase, we captured and located prominent parts of the city that include Gulshan-e-Maymar, Gulistan-e-Jauhar and Ahsanabad where we successfully accommodated 90+ families with a ration packet.

We aim to do more as much as we can so kept on searching for more families who deserve your Zakat and Atiya. We feel prestige in announcing the completion of ATF’s Ramadan Ration Distribution Program’s Phase 2 successfully. By the grace of Allah Almighty, we were able to distribute 100+ more packets among deserving families. Other than previously covered areas, we also captured areas like Landhi, Malir and Sohrab Goth where a prominent part of deserving people are waiting for your help. The details are mentioned below:

  • 20 packets were distributed in Malir and Sohrab Goth (Akhtar Iqbal Compound).

  • We managed to distribute 31 packets in Toori Bangash Colony and 30 more in Landhi.

  • In Orangi Town, we distributed 50 packets.

Appeal To Do Even More:

We’re thankful to Allah Almighty for giving us success in contribution to this noble act. Secondly, we are really obliged to those who contributed either through financial support or by any other medium to achieve this kind objective. Thank you very much for raising your hands in such pious efforts ATF team is committed to and make us feel stronger with your kind words, financial aid and wishes.

Up till now, it was a great response from the contributors, volunteers and our supporters. But we urge you to do more and help us supporting more families in this blessed month of Ramadan Kareem. This is your chance to earn Allah’s blessings and support fellow brothers and sisters who are not well off.

Contact us via email or through phone numbers listed on our contact page to donate your Zakat, Fitrah or Atiya in any form.

Distribution Activity Photos: