Open Invitation (2016) for Ramadan Ration Initiative Posted June 5, 2016 by smshoaibjamil


Preparations for fasting and earning Allah Almighty’s blessings and rewards have already begin for the approaching month of Ramadan Kareem. This month has significant importance over regular months in Hijri calendar. All the muslims get one whole month to earn the rewards of virtuous deeds they perform which is a great news for all of us. How strange is that when everybody is fasting and enjoying the blessed days of Ramadan Kareem, a specific group of muslims fail to perform basic obligations imposed on us. To help these brothers and sisters, Allah has ordered us to pay Zakat through our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and maintain the balance in society.

We at AidTheFate.Org run a special campaign with reference to this blessed month of Ramadan. In this campaign, continued since 2012, we locate needy families and provide them with 1 MONTH’S RATION so they can perform mandatory obligations of Ramadan by fasting and purify their hearts with Allah’s love and affection.

Allah’s Promise for All Muslims:

The Holy Book tells us that Allah has declared manifolds of rewards (in this world and hereafter) if we spend something in His name. How great will it be if we can achieve so many things with just an act of kindness? As Allah SWT said:

“Who is it that would lend Allah a goodly loan so He will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward?” ~ (Quran 57:11)

In reference to this verse (quote from Quran Kareem), any muslim who would spend in the name of Allah, shall be rewarded with double (or even more) of that. Wouldn’t you like to get rewarded with so many virtuous deeds in this peaceful month? On top of that, you’ll also get Allah’s blessings for this kind act of supporting any needy brother or sister.

How can I do that?

We locate and help poor and needy families dwelling in different areas of Karachi, Pakistan. As part of our Ramadan Ration Program, we distribute a packet consisting some food items to these needy families. Each packet contains items listed below

1. Flour Bag (20kg)

2. Sugar (2kg)

3. Rice (5kg)

4. Baisan (1.5kg)

5. Dall Chana (1.5kg)

6. Dall Masuar (1kg)

7. Cooking Oil (2kg)

8. Salt (1Pkt)

9. Rooh Afza/Mango Squash (1Ltr)

10. Dates (0.5kg)

11. Tea (250gm)

12. Black Chana (1kg)

NOTE: The cost for 1 packet is around Rs.2500/- (PKR).

We Need Your Support!

We want to expand our reach to more families which can be done with more support from everybody intended to donate as much as he/she can.

● You may donate and help a family to observe the fasting conveniently.

● Refer to us any deserving family and our verification and distribution team will take care of rest.

● You may share this post on your social profiles and help us spread this message to more people.

We can’t help everybody but we can help SOMEBODY. So step forward, donate from your Halal earnings and support a family now! (we accept zakat or sadaqat and take care of eligibility during distribution )

For donations, click here .