As you all may know that we have an on going program called Education Against Odds to support bright student so that they can continue their studies. Under the same program we have received educational support request from a lot of low income and deserving lower-middle and lower class families for new year courses, uniforms, shoes, annual charges etc. for their school going children. Let us assure you that we already have a filtered list of these students who had good grades and results in their previous terms.  As for such families; this becomes much difficult to bear this additional expense (around Rs. 5000-7000) at this time of year specially for those having 2-3 school going children with their fixed limited income.

The new educational year for schools has already started here in Karachi. Those of you who want to contribute in easing up this situation for such parents may contact us over email and can have specific details.

For our past performance please review the posts under Education Against Odds (EAO) and Students Started Education.

Please spread the word as this is the easiest way to help the cause.