ATF found a person last month who is fighting cancer and is not able to work and support his family due to bad health. The patient used to work at a factory but had to quit after his health did not allow him to continue. Fortunately, his employer is taking care of his medical expenses. But it is still not possible for him to make his living with the family of 4 children and a wife. His wife works in homes as a maid to earn some money that is much less than what is required to fulfill their basic needs. He needed the support of ration and his children’s basic educational expenses. After thorough verification of the case, ATF decided to support the family on both fronts. From September 2015, they have started receiving the ration of around Rs 4000/- and children’s fee of around Rs 1500/- from ATF.

The family is extremely grateful to ATF and the donors/volunteers affiliated with them. This assistance is likely to ease out some of their sufferings inshallah. May Allah eliminate all their hardships and reward the contributors for their generosity and kindness. If you know more such deserving people around you, please recommend us the cases. You can be one of the contributors to earn the rewards from Allah by donating us. Or you can simply spread the word to become part of our mission.