ATF Sponsored Student Gets Admission in NED Posted September 2, 2015 by umairk

ATF management and team are extremely delighted to know and announce that one more ATF assisted student has achieved his goal. ATF provided the moral and financial support to the student during his F.Sc. Pre-Engineering studies. The student responded very positively by focusing on his studies and putting his heart and soul to achieve the milestone of getting admission in a reputed Engineering university. After clearing his FSc examination with high grades, he has passed NED admission test to ensure his entry into the professional education.

This is yet another achievement for ATF and it could not be better than the success of a promising student since quality education has been the most prime focus of ATF. This is the moment of a great pride and delight for the student, his family, the donor, the volunteers and for the society. We are thankful to Allah and pray to him for giving us courage to serve more deserving students. If you know such people around you, please contact us and let us know. You can also contribute by donating us according to your affordability and will. The least you can do is to spread the word to get rewards hopefully in this world and certainly hereafter.

Below is the snapshot of his admission test results: