Arranged Furniture for Marriage of a Girl Posted August 27, 2015 by umairk

ATF has been particularly sensitive about the socio-economic issues in weddings of daughters among lower income group. For the same cause, it has financially assisted number of families to facilitate the needy families to arrange the weddings of their daughters. Recently, one more such case has been served by ATF. The family head looks after his family along with his elder son. They both have to earn the living for their family by painting work. But it was not possible for them to bear all the expenses themselves. They were in need of furniture and approached ATF to help them. After thorough verification of the case and following the procedure, ATF contributed furniture worth Rs. 20,000/- for the daughter.

The family is extremely satisfied and grateful to the donors and the volunteers who made it possible. Thanks to the Almighty for providing us opportunity to participate in the well-being of people yet again. Please spread the word and bring more such cases to our knowledge so that we can verify and pursue. You can also contribute financially by donating us according to your affordability and will. Below are the snaps of donated furniture: