By the grace of Almighty, ATF is continuously growing in all the dimensions. The latest indicator of this growth is this year’s Ramadan ration distribution activity which expanded significantly as compared to the previous years. During this Ramadan, we received an increased charity amount due to the better fund raising campaign and rising level of trust on ATF by the donors.

Overall, 595 deserving families were identified, verified and served with ration packages. Apart from the ration distribution, 41 families were served with Eidi amount to enable them celebrating the holy festival with some level of dignity and comfort. In addition to the increment in number of families served, ATF also observed the improvement in the overall process of the activity and succeeded in making it even more transparent and efficient.

This accomplishment was made possible only because of the generous donors and the devoted management and volunteers of ATF. Allah provided them with the opportunity, the will and the courage to take up such an uphill task and they made all the efforts to please him by serving the humanity in the best manner. May they continue doing the great deeds with the same vigor and accomplish even more towards their cause. You can also join the cause by contributing financially, as a volunteer or even by just spreading the word.