By the grace of Allah, ATF has commenced its Ramadan Ration Distribution 2015 by distributing 78 more ration packets in the following areas:

  • Super High Way (Different Areas) – 08 Rations
  • KBR – 05 Rations
  • Orangi Town – 16 Rations
  • Surjani Town – 08 Rations
  • Malir/Landhi – 17 Rations
  • Surjani/North Karachi – 11 Rations
  • Other Areas – 13 Rations

Most of the Ration packets were distributed among labors, widows, old age people, families with more dependents and less earning. ATF Team gives priority to low income working class who are not dependent on support but finding it difficult to manage expenses due to limited income.

ATF team is extremely thankful to its donors for trusting ATF with their donations and being generous to help the humanity and please Allah in this holy month. ATF team members and volunteer worked tirelessly without any material rewards for days and nights to make sure that the charity amount reaches to the most deserving people in a timely manner. May Allah accept their efforts and reward them in the life and hereafter. Due to increasing trust of donors, ATF was able to raise more funds this year and reach more needy families.

We shall continue our efforts after Ramadan with our other ongoing programs. If you want to contribute by forwarding the valid and verified cases, you can contact us any time or you can contribute by donating us with complete trust.
Below are the pictures of phase 5 distribution