Alhamdolillah ATF team has successfully completed phase 4 of ATF Ramazan Ration distribution program by distributing 253 ration packets in following areas.

1. KBR – 20 Rations
2. Orangi Town – 70 Rations
3. Sujrani Town – 35 Rations
4. Super High Way (Different Areas) – 05 Rations
5. Moosa Colony – 30 Rations
6. Landhi – 7 Rations
7. Korangi – 10 Rations
8. Other Areas (Dalmia, Shah Faisal Colony, Gulistan-e-Johar)- 76 Rations

Most of the Ration packets were distributed among labors, widows, old age people, families with more dependents and less earning. ATF Team gives priority to low income working class who are not dependent on support but finding it difficult to manage expenses due to limited income.

Remaining ration packets (around 90) will be distributed in Orangi Town and Surjani Town  and other areas as part of  Phase 5. In parallel to Phase 5 of ration distribution, ATF will be distributing Eid gifts among the deserving families to help them celebrating the holy event like the whole Muslim community. If you want to contribute, you can donate us with complete trust that your charity will reach the most deserving people.

ATF Team is thankful to the contributors and volunteers. We pray that Allah reward everyone who is taking part in this noble cause by any means. (Ameen)

Pics of the distribution are below: