Folio3 Thar Relief Program Posted December 8, 2014 by navaid


How do you feel when you hear or read every other day the news of people specially children dying of starvation in Thar?

Let’s join hands to share with them some of the many blessings Allah has bestowed on us. A group has already been formed in Folio3 to work for this noble cause. Some basic details:

What’s the Plan?

We plan to help in 2 phases.

1. Food and warm clothing distribution

2. Owning a water project like well or hand pump.

 For both these, we are working on devising a common plan with reliable organizations already conducting relief efforts in these areas.

 How Can I Help?

1. Through Zakat and Non-Zakat Funds: Deposit amount in account or handover to one of our volunteers.

2. Warm Clothing: Only warm clothing for men, women and children that is washed and in good condition (enough that you can use it yourself).

3. Time and Effort: Volunteer for various activities like funds management, goods purchasing and going to affected areas for distribution. 

….and the best news? “All Non-Zakat funds by Folio3 members will be matched by folio3″

May Allah bless the Thar people and all those who are extending their hands for helping them…Jazakumullah!

Interested persons can contact ATF as well as directly contact Folio3 at:

  • Facebook:
  • Phone: +92 21 3432 3721-4