ATF came across a brilliant student who just passed his matriculation examination with 88% marks. He secured 92% marks in Class 9th but due to his father’s death during his class 10th examination, he was just able to avoid a big downwards slide in his grades. He has 3 younger siblings. Mother has started working to run the household but it was not possible for her to deposit the first year fee of Rs. 23,000/- at once in a reputable coaching center. Boy is desperate to secure good grades again and seek admission in medical college.

After thorough verification, ATF decided to help the family by depositing the yearly fee of Rs. 23000/- to the coaching center and let student focus on his studies instead of worrying about the financial constraints. The student and his mother are extremely satisfied with the assistance and prayed for all the contributors. Please recommend more such cases to us by contacting us. You can also donate to us for any specific case or participate in our overall welfare activities.