ATF provided Qarz-e-Hasna for Rickshaw Posted April 21, 2014 by navaid


An ATF team member received a request for loan (Qarz-e-Hasna) from a person who works as an office boy in an office. With this loan the person intends to get a LPG rickshaw as he had arranged the rest of the amount elsewhere but falling short of half of the cost.

According to his office colleagues he really a hard worker and strives to do better for his family. His father is a disabled person and all the responsibility lies on the shoulder of the person who contacted us.

Now he has a rickshaw which he drives after office hours to increase his earnings for supporting the family.

The person has already started paying back the loan from the month of April.

May Allah bless all those who have supported the cause and give all of us strength to earn Rizk-e-Halal in the same manner. Ameen!