Cases requiring sponsors Posted October 24, 2013 by umairk

As ATF message has been spreading and it is delivering successfully, it is getting more and more requests from deserving people seeking assistance and members are also approaching themselves to the unprivileged. There are numerous cases being taken care by ATF with the help of donors but there are still few more requests under different programs which have been verified and require sponsors.

You can choose to sponsor any of the below cases according to your preference and affordability. ATF has done the verification on its own but if you want to meet the family or individual for personal satisfaction, ATF can help you arranging it. You can Contact Us to find more information about these cases.

Your helping hand can matter a lot in changing the lives of people who are struggling for survival. You can either sponsor yourself or propagate the message to find out the sponsors. Any sort of contribution from your side is bound to get countless prayers from poors and rewards from the Almighty. May Allah accept our efforts and succeed us in achieving our objectives of serving humanity.

Following are the details of cases requiring sponsors:

Education Against Odds:

Case Code Occupation/Marital Status of Family Head  Area  Family Members Brief Description Monthly Requirement  Status
EAO-005 Unemployed  Malir  5 Student of NED Engg University. 18000 (semester fees)  Sponsored
EAO-017 Widow/Maid Liyari 7 Class 9th coaching, Class 2 school fee 700  Sponsored

 Monthly Ration Support:

Case Code Marital status / Occupation of Family Head Area Family Members Brief Status Monthly Expense Status
MRSP-003 Widow/Maid Liyari 7 Lives with her divorced daughter, extreme poverty 3362  Sponsored
MRSP-007 Rikshaw Driver Rasheed Abad 6 Asthma patient with 5 children, wife used to work in homes, sun aged 14-15 is now a rikshaw driver to support the family  1366  Sponsored
MRSP-016 Factory worker New Karachi 7 Eldest son works in a factory, and the other one is learning mechanic work. Family is also in a loan burden, due to recent death of their mother they have requested to for a raion support for next 3 months so that they can manage somehow for other expenses 2684  Sponsored
MRSP-017 Factory worker New Karachi 3 Her husband is not permanently employed and is on and off on the jobs, the lady used to do cloth stiching at home. 1 Daughter of age 1 year 1480  Sponsored
MRSP-018 Factory worker Orangi Town 2  A skilled labor who used to work as a wood craftman in a small factory in Orangi town on a minimal wage, at home he also makes wooden shaving brushes and lattus to have some increase in the earnings. Stretched loadshedding in the Orangi town area has significantly damaged the work at factory and home both so is having a minimal income in these days. Lives in a rented house 1500  Sponsored
MRSP-019 Widow New Karachi 3  She is a widow with 2 daughters and no son. Her eldest daughter is a teacher in an school and is the sole bread earner for the family, Mother is also a patient of multiple diseases, they live in a rented house 2350  Sponsored
MRSP-020 Maid at school North Karachi 4 She is a Widow, work as a maid in a Govt school but has not received the salary for last 10 months. Her eldest sone, 12 yrs old used to work as a labor in a factory who does overlocking on clothes, but factory is closed nowadays so he is jobless.
2 daughters of 18 yr and 10 yrs used to be at home
2400  Sponsored
MRSP-021 Madarsa teacher Umer Goth 5 He is a madarsa teacher with 3 daughters, as he teaches in a goth madarsa so no other means of income are available for him 3031  Sponsored
MRSP-022 Labour, injured in road accident Umer Goth 4 He is a skilled labour of age 20-21 who was supporting his family of parents and younger brothers sisters; he suffered a deadly accident around 5 months back, after which he is bed ridden and is unable to do the labour work for quite some time 3031  Sponsored
MRSP-023 Mohajir Camp 11  The family is in much poverty with eldest son trapped in South Africa, who cant come back and is also not able to earn anything out there due to some leagal issue, his family lives there; sole earning persons for this family is the younger son who already has a wife and 2 children and his mother who works as a maid, her son who works in a factory in Hub area with a minimal earning 8 elders, 4 children 4400  Sponsored
MRSP-024 Widow Orangi Town 4 A widow with 3 elder children, 2 sons 1 daughter; eldest son 17 years is working as a labour to paste stickers on t-shirts while 13 year old one is learning some generator / mechanic repairing work. Daughter aged 20 years does Zari work @ home. 2827
MRSP-025 Maid Orangi Town 5 Lady is the only earning person for the family, who used to wash clothes at home, husband is a heart patient and elder in age. They also look after 4 children of their son who is mentally challeneged 2645  Sponsored