During the ration distribution program in Ramazan in Ghaziabad area of Orangi Town, ATF members came across a family of 10 members who had the wedding of their daughter due in August. Their only source of income is a mother working in factory earning Rs. 8000-9000 per month. Case was thoroughly verified and needs were assessed.

ATF decided to help the family for their need of serving the dinner for their guests, which required a good amount of money not affordable for the family. By the grace of Allah, ATF succeeded in fulfilling their need by arranging wedding dinner for 250-270 guests. It costed Rs. 26,000/- paid from ATF funds through the generous donors. Receipt of payment is attached.

Another case successfully completed by ATF for serving the humanity. We thank Allah who provided us strength to accomplish it and all the people who participated by any means. If you know more people who can be helped by ATF, please recommend to us by contacting us. Please spread the word and encourage people to participate in the cause.

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