ATF was recommended a case of a person who used to work as a supply rider for food suppliers. Few days ago, he lhad to sell his bike due to financial issues. The motorcycle purchased afterwards had a lot of deteriorated and dysfunctional parts and he was not able to run it. That affected his income badly and it reduced to almost half due to unavailability of the motor cycle. He was not able to afford the expenses of repairing as he has a family of four children to look after. As he approached ATF, the organization looked into the case in detail. Finally, a decision was taken to help the guy with “qarz-e-hasna” (loan without interest) for all his motorcycle repairing expenses as he’ll hopefully be able to resume his previous level of earning after this assistance. Cost of Rs. 6550/- was bared by ATF and by the grace of Allah, he has got his bike in perfectly operating condition now. Receipt of payment is attached.

The guy is very much satisfied after being able to earn his living and support the family without compromising on his self-esteem. He has signed an agreement with ATF to return the loan amount within appropriate timeline in easy installments. Thanks to the contributors and special thanks to Almighty Allah who empowered us to make it possible. Please forward more genuine cases and encourage donors to contribute by propagating the ATF message of serving mankind.

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