Help needed for kidney patient Posted October 5, 2012 by umairk

Update 07/11/2012: Unfortunately the lady has expired before Fistula procedure, May Allah rest her soul in peace (ameen).   We will contact donors to return the donation or seek permission to utilize the funds in another case.


A young lady, having 2 little daughters, was hit by Tuberculosis due to insufficient food availability during her pregnancy, afterwards she suffered almost failure of her kidneys as well due to which she has to take bi-weekly dialysis at Jinnah hospital. She used to work as a house maid before getting seriously ill and now her only source of income is her 11 years daughter working as her replacement who is getting 800-1000 Rs / month. Unfortunately her husband is addicted to drugs and doesn’t earn on a regular basis

Jinnah hospital is doing a dialysis process on their Zakat funds. So, she’ll not need any financial assistance unless the hospital is short of funds or medicines. For her dialysis process to proceed there is a need of an AV Fistula, Jinnah guys tried to make one for her but couldn’t succeed. As the Fistula is not in place so it has become practically impossible to continue the Dialysis process as being told by them. There is a trained doctor being recommended at Anklesaria  hospital to carry out Arteriovenous fistula process for her. They normally charge Rs. 17000 for the process but have agreed upon to reduce the charges to Rs. 12000  which is still not affordable for her. After thorough verification of the case, ATF has decided to take up this case and is need of donor’s help to proceed for this case.

Following are the details of treatment expenses requiring donations:

Fistula procedure : Rs. 12000/-  (One Time Cost)

Medicines cost : Around Rs. 700 / week (Regular need)

Furthermore, we have also started supplying monthly ration for her family and to carry on this process we do need your help

Ration estimation/month: Around Rs. 2000 (Regular need)

Donors can contribute by financing either for Fistula procedure, weekly medicine cost or for her monthly ration for as much weeks/months as they can afford.

For donations or more details, please contact us

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