Raw meat distribution on Eid-ul-adha Posted November 21, 2011 by admin

On this Edi-ul-adha we collected meat from relatives, friends and colleagues and distrubted it to the doorstep of extremely  poor families who don’t go door to door for meat collection. For this we approached residents of Surjani Town, Sector 7-B,  since we have already distributed Raation during Eid days in this area to the needy  families with the help of a local network out there. We used the same  network and ask them to prepare a prioritized list for such families a  day prior to Eid. We got a list of 28 families  and with the  help of Almighty Allah we were able to distribute 25 – 26 packs of Raw meat on the 2nd day of Eid to the identified families. In addition to that we  also distributed meat to 3 families in jamali goth, 12 families in bhittai abad and 55 families near mewa shah cemetery. Those were 70 bags of raw beef meat each weighting approximately 2 Kg.


May Allah accept the sacrifice from all muslims specially those who contributed in this activity. Ameen.

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