Flood Relief Activity Posted October 31, 2011 by admin

Alhamdolillah, the Flood Relief activity initiated some days back within Folio3 has been done with peace. It was nothing but Allah’s Mercy that enabled us to put our contributions in whatever way we can.

It was a combined effort of:

  • All those who contributed with funds and clothes
  • Folio3 management for the initiative, support and funds doubling
  • Folio3 female staff for packing the cloths in a very tidy and presentable way
  • And all those Folio3 ‘youngsters’ who
    • Volunteered for selecting and buying the stuff,
    • Did heavy work of loading the trucks and
    • Went to affected areas on truck roof and distributed the items.

Only Allah can reward this. May Allah accept it. Aameen.

Trip Summary:
The journey was started around 12:00 midnight between Friday and Saturday on two trucks having around 500 ration packs, few cartons of clothes, few cartons of biscuits and toffees…and 18 volunteers!
Reached Sajawal around 4:00 AM where Navy officials accompanied us to Distribution site where we reached around 11:00 AM via Tando Bagho via Badin.

The distribution site comprised of around 14-16 small villages not catered yet by any Flood Relief team between Tando Bagho and Nindo. The site was already identified and surveyed by Navy’s too much motivated, dedicated and cooperative guys….Salam to Pak Navy! These guys have already done all homework by identifying the needy households and providing them a ration card per family.

We stopped at around 12-14 points where the ration packs and cloths were distributed according to ration cards. The cheers on children face had unmatchable worth after they get biscuits and toffees.The distribution was completed around 4:00 PM and we reached back to Karachi around 11:00 PM the same day.The volunteer s may share the experience…how it feels when a high-speed truck encounters a broken road :) The conditions of those areas are very poor, where a lot of crops are destroyed and a lot of cultivation land is still under water.The villages we visited had desperate conditions where there is still water inside some of their houses and the path connecting their homes to road.The worst of it all is the fact that many of ‘Harees’‘ (farm labors) have lost their means of income after destruction of crops and cultivation land.

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