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ATF TEAM:  This case is referred to ATF Team by a close contact. ATF couldn’t perform any verification itself so we recommend you to do the verification before doing any type of help for the case. Also please  update us about your findings in this regard by sending us an email or leaving your comments for the post.

May Allah help us and guide us towards the right path.



MUHAMMAD BASEER UDDIN HASHMI is being hospitalized at Aga Khan University Hospital (MR # 191-54-70) for Chemotherapy.

Only chance of SURVIVAL is “BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT” that would approximately cost Rs. 3 Million (Rs. 30 lacs). This amount is practically impossible for his family to arrange alone.

I request you to please donate generously in his father’s bank account:
OR you may call at 03212007343 and we will collect from your doorsteps.

UK based may transfer to my brother’s Account BARCLAYS BANK, Sort code 20-10-03. A/C # 53701190 (A/C holder: Shoaib Haroon Khan).

Aga Khan Hospital has assured that it is 100% curable after bone marrow transplant and 2 chemotherapies.

Please come forward and help as much as you can. (Sharing this message can also be a way of helping)

ATF Team.

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